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The majority of the company’s work is directed at adult audiences. It contains themes ranging from genocide and evolution to cell biology and magic. Almost always without text, the work is a seductive fusion of performance with sculptural and musical elements. At the core of each show is close collaboration between composer and puppeteer.

‘Stephen Mottram takes the craft of puppetry to a level of sophistication which makes you gasp with the cleverness of it.’

Independent on Sunday (In Suspension)

‘It’s not just Mottram’s exquisite craft but his potent vision which merits our attention.’

The Glasgow Herald (The Seed Carriers)

‘Mottram is a magician who charms his audience with the uncanny.’

LaRepubblica (The Seas of Organillo)

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The Seed Carriers The Seas of Organillo In Suspension Eggbird

Stephen’s work for children sets out to fascinate and inspire. It has magical sequences of pure performance intermixed with entertaining demonstrations which leave children eager and able to make and perform puppets for themselves. The children’s shows are designed to be performable in schools and halls as well as in theatres.

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Letter from Olivia Garrett. Stephen Mottram’s Animata Stephen Mottram - Performance for children The Parachute