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In Suspension

Marionettes controlled by webs of strings, extraordinary music and a wicked sense of humour...

Working in full view of the audience on a small open stage with string puppets, Stephen Mottram lures his audiences into an unexpected and magical experience. The especially composed music cocoons Mottram’s hypnotic choreography, to create strongly atmospheric theatre, which haunts audiences long after the puppets have been packed away.

In Suspension is based on acute observation of the details of human movement. Elegant in its simplicity, it plays with our perceptions of everyday things like gravity and balance. Bit by bit, the viewer is coaxed into a magical, funny and poetic alternative world where the rules seem to have changed.

In Suspension is designed for an adult audience, but anyone old enough to watch carefully and quietly will find it enjoyable. There is no spoken language in the performance so the show is universally accessible.

“Mottram takes the craft of puppetry to a level of sophistication that makes you gasp with the cleverness of it. Yet he also has a feel for the potent simplicity of this ancient form of theatre that touches on the mystical”

Independent on Sunday

“The combination of Mottram’s skill with marionettes and Glyn Perrin’s superb electronic music, which mixes hurdy gurdy with stone and metal or interweaves sampled elements with field recordings, creates tiny complete worlds full of suspense, surprise and sometimes forbeboding.”

The Guardian

“Mottram’s work draws its inspiration from sculpture, mime and dance and its powerful atmospheric quality is totally captivating.”

Plays and Players

“His precision and elegance are remarkable.”

Corriere del Ticino

Technical - In Suspension needs a darkened space, ideally with raked seating. The minimum stage area is 5m width X 4m depth X 2.5m height. Get-in time 3hours, get-out 1 hour.

In Suspension